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1940s Fancy Dress

1940s Fancy Dress Costumes

1940's Fancy Dress Costumes at Fancy Dress and Party

Our 1940s Fancy Dress Costumes include a great range of looks from this time of War. Our 1940s Costumes will take you back to World War II with a collection of classic uniforms.  All of the uniforms are inspired by this hugely historical time from the classic Home Guard Officer Costume to a sexy Army Girl. As well as female uniform costumes, this era also hails the rise of the female work force with great looks including the Land Girl and Factory Worker.

1940s Costumes - More info

1940's Costumes - More Info

This World War II collection includes a range of great uniform fancy dress looks from the land, sea and even into the sky. 1940s costumes have a smart and instantly recognisable style which is why this theme is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re not looking for a full costume why not become a squadron leader with a simple Flying Hat and Squadron Moustache combination.

This is undoubtedly a fun theme for any woman with a diverse range of looks from one era - where you can become an Army Girl, working woman or a 40s sweetheart! We also love the hairstyles to match these great looks with the classic ‘Victory Roll’ style.

All that’s left is choose which of our 1940s Fancy Dress Costumes is for you from this wartime era of hardworking British Heroes!

Looking for something a little different? With overlap in style our 1950s fancy dress costumes may be what you are looking for!

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