12 Days To Halloween - Fancy Dress and Party


Zombies remain ever popular and we LOVED the first episode of The Walking Dead and expect the next episode tonight to be just as good! Let us know what you think on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fancydressandparty

The Walking Dead has certainly increased the popularity of Zombie Fancy Dress, and we think that the fact you can individualise your look so much helps to make this more than just a passing trend. The special effects you can achieve from face paint, liquid latex and spray blood are truly gory. If you want to embrace the Zombie look check out our great range here of Zombie Fancy Dress along with all the accessories you need to create a head turning look.

If you want to fully embrace the Zombie theme, why not look out for a Zombie Walk near you? They take place all over the UK and give you the opportunity to walk amongst a Zombie Hoard - an awesome way to celebrate Halloween 2014.