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Welcome to our 20s party theme ideas… to help you create your very own Speakeasy establishment!

The 1920s were all about partying and Gangsters – so this theme is perfect for a lively and exciting party! The 1920s were a time of Prohibition where the sale and manufacturing of Alcoholic beverages was illegal across the United States. The ‘Speakeasy’ establishment was an underground club that illegally sold alcohol (supplied by Gangsters like Al Capone) during the Prohibition. You can create your own Speakeasy with our simple 20s party planner.


First you need to invite your guests. Sending out invitations helps to create a bit of excitement and inform guests there will be a dress code! Why not include your very own secret password – to allow access to your Speakeasy!

Themes and Decoration

A Black and White theme is perfect to create the 20s feel. If you want to bring in a bit more colour you could add a splash of red!

Setting the scene:

  • White tablecloth for the buffet or dinner table (cheap white sheets would suffice)
  • Prior to the party save up your empty alcohol bottles to use as candle holders (Black, White and Red candles) – perfect to set the scene in your Speakeasy. If you looking for some extra glamour you could sprinkle some pearls (or wrap napkins in a string of pearls if you’re having a dinner party)
  • Have some fun props for the night – examples include an inflatable saxophone and candy cigarettes (or Joke cigarettes) to offer to you guests.
  • Make some ‘crates’ out of cardboard boxes and fill them with paper shreds. Store your spirits in your crate to create the 20s Speakeasy vibe! This will also add some drama when making cocktails for your guests!
  • Set up a Speakeasy Bar Area. Create a fun sign to brand your bar! Put lots of 1920s themes bits of bobs behind your Bar – Playing cards, print outs of icons and a few feathers – all jumbled together these look very 20s and create the underground bar feel.

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

The great thing about 20s fancy dress parties is that even those who don’t like fancy dress (we can’t believe it either!) there are lots of outfits that can be created just from your day-to-day clothes.  A sleek black dress or sharp suit are a great base for a 20s costume – here are some classic costume ideas: 

Womens – Flapper Dress, Evening Wear, Satin Gloves, Pearl Necklaces, Bob Wigs, Cigarette Holders or you could go for a sexy Gangster dress and accessories.

Mens – Zoot Suits, Gangster Suits, Fedoras & Gangster Hats, Tommy Gun, Dark Glasses

Check out our fantastic range of 20s Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories

If you are going for the ‘Black and White’ theme, you need to let your guests know ahead of the party, so they can make sure their outfits fit the theme!

Food and Drink

The 20s were all about Cocktails. Set the scene with our top 20s cocktails

  1. A Martini was the 20s classic! You will need - Gin, Dry Vermouth and Ice. Serve in a chilled glass with lemon and a green olive garnish
  2. The Mint Julip was a popular drink in this era. You will need – Bourbon, Mint, Sugar & Water.
  3. Champagne Punch
  4. 7 Up (1979) for a non-alcoholic alternative

A buffet fits the ‘no hassle’ and party 20s scene. Here are a few ideas to get you started. It would be hard to make everything fit the ‘Black and White’ theme – but adding in some black and white elements, amongst your other buffet foods, give the desired theme!

  • Shrimp Cocktail – a timeless classic
  • Devilled Eggs – you can choose a variety of fillings to suit your tastes!
  • Black and White Salad – Salad leaves garnished with Feta and Black Olives. (chuck in some cherry tomatoes if you are going for the red in your theme). Garnish with an olive oil and balsamic dressing.
  • Fruit cocktails – served in Martini glasses
  • Salty snacks (common in Speakeasys to make you thirsty) so pop out lots of bowls of various snacks such as nuts and crisps.
  • Cupcakes – iced with Black and White


Gambling – set up some gambling tables (you can buy some very cheap game table cloths online). Depending on how much you want these to feature during the evening, you could go for quick and fun games such as Roulette or Black Jack, or for a longer game of Poker. You can use fake ‘poker’ money (given to guests on arrival) if you don’t want to gamble with money.

20s Dancing – Choose you 20s Playlist then teach your guests some of the 20s classic dances – The Charleston is a must and has very simple steps. Others include Swing dance or any Jazz moves which were all popular in the 20s.

Award prizes for the best costume

Our final tip is to takes lots of photos and edit them to be ‘Black and White’ – perfect to reminisce for years to come whilst keeping the spirit of the theme alive!